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The Lotushuset's most important task is to protect women and their children. That is why a risk assessment is always made when the woman takes up residence in Lotushuset. It must be safe and secure to stay in Lotushuset. 

Furthermore, the women and their children are offered other services according to the individual woman's needs.

Lotushuset always offers to sit as a co-judge in the family court and support the woman in her case at the family court and the municipality.

  • Social counseling

  • Offer for psychological interviews

  • Supportive conversations/processing of the violence and support to have a life without violence

  • Offer of a psychologist via the counseling center for your child, cf. § 109 SEL

  • Support for practical tasks and taking care of the parental role

  • Help to contact relevant public bodies

  • Support to continue in the workplace or education

  • Support conversations regarding your child and your child's experiences with a social worker child counsellor

  • Coordinating social work advice after relocation

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