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We really appreciate that you feel comfortable when you live in Lotushuset, and that is why we have created a set of rules that all living women must follow.

Confidentiality: All employees are bound by confidentiality, and we also ask you not to tell anyone who lives or comes to the house.

Animals: Animals are not allowed.

Own room: You get your own room, which you have to clean yourself. You will be provided with bed linen and towels.

Common areas: You are expected to clean up after yourself and your children.

Wash: In the utility room there is a washing machine that can be used between 8am and 8pm.

Moving out: When moving out, the room must be thoroughly cleaned, bed linen, duvets and pillows removed and washed.

Alcohol and drug intake: You must not consume alcohol and euphoric drugs in the house or return to the house under the influence.

Smoking: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside.

Fire: You must not light candles in your room due to the risk of fire. If you are the cause of the alarm going off, you will be charged DKK 5,000.

Homecoming: The house must be quiet from 10pm, if you arrive later, you must therefore take the other residents into account.

Food in the room: Basically, main meals are to be enjoyed in the kitchen, but it is ok to take a cup of coffee and cake to the room.

Visit: You must notify the house if you intend to have visitors. And it must be in accordance with the staff's assessment of whether the house can accommodate it on the day in question. Visitors must leave the house before 22.

Participation: It is expected that you are active in solving your own situation. You will be assigned a contact person during your stay who will support and advise you as needed. There is a house meeting every week.

Meals: You must provide all meals yourself, for you and your possible children. You have to buy in yourself. Lotushuset ensures that there is a healthy and nutritious breakfast. There is a fridge and freezer in the kitchen, where you will have your own shelf/basket.  There is free access to the kitchen facilities.

Internet: There is wifi and you will be given a code.

Out-of-pocket payment: To be determined by the municipality.

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